Aquatic Therapy Program

The wave of the future…

Aquatic Therapy is recognized as an extremely beneficial form of exercise to improve overall function and physical condition. Our licensed Physical and Occupational therapists will develop an individualized plan of care integrating water and land based exercises and activities to improve overall functional mobility and independence.

Our facility offering…

In addition to our well equipped traditional clinic space, we offer an indoor therapeutic pool. Our pool features easy entry via low grade steps or chair lift, bench for seated exercises, therapeutic temperature between 90-92 degrees, and a wide array of exercise equipment to meet your needs. Private changing rooms are available for convenience and comfort.

Who can benefit…

People with…

  • Arthritis
  • Joint replacements
  • Healing fractures
  • Stokes and other neurological conditions
  • Cardiac problems
  • Muscle injuries
  • Chronic Pain Syndromes

Benefits of Aquatic Environment…

  • Water supports body weight, reducing stress on joints and making movement easier. The pool environment also reduces weight bearing on the legs, allowing improved mobility for those with restricted weight bearing due to orthopedic injuries.
  • The pressure of water surrounding the body decreases swelling and increases circulation. Additional cardiac benefits include decreased heart rate and increased cardiac output.
  • Water provides even resistance to movement for strengthening.
  • Buoyancy decreases the affects of gravity making movement easier for those with neurologic impairments. In addition, the pool environment can decrease tone and muscle spasms commonly limiting those same individuals.
  • Decreases tactile defensiveness by providing generalized sensory input.
  • Improves balance by strengthening core muscle groups challenged by turbulence and resistance created by the water.
  • Provides a warm relaxing environment, increasing ease of movement, decreasing pain and improving motivation for exercise.

**Aquatic therapy contraindications include incontinence, open wounds, infectious diseases, medical instability, seizures, open tracheostomy and those with vital capacity less than 1500ml. All referrals will be screened for appropriateness of participation in the program.

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